Three Fun Gifts for Your Male Lover

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Three Fun Gifts for Your Male Lover

Whether you’ve been with your lover for years or the relationship is still new, giving a gift of toys an add some fun and adventure in the bedroom. While sex is just one part of a relationship, a happy sex life is a big component of a satisfying partnership. If you’re looking for some saucy gift ideas for your male lover, here are three spicy ideas to consider.

Naughty Underwear

Sexy underthings are not just for ladies. There is a wide variety of thongs, g-strings and athletic supporters in different colors and styles. Whether he wears it out and about under his work clothes or just enjoys the new items on weekends, having attractive underthings can help him to feel powerful and sexy. Pick out things in his preferred colors and see what he prefers.

Ball Weights

For the beginner, a light ball weight of only a few ounces can add extra sensation during sex and perhaps help delay orgasm. As he gains experience with ball weights, he may experiment with heavier weights to heighten pleasure and extend interludes. If your lover has never tried out ball weights before, start with a small amount of weight and gradually increase it over time, if desired. Of course, discontinue using the weights if you feels any discomfort in his testicles.

A Penis Ring

There are several different types of penis ring available. The standard cock ring fits around the base of the penis and may slip under the testicles as well. It slightly restricts blood flow out of the penis, allowing for harder erections and a more potent sensation. A glans ring, by contrast, fits right under the head of the penis and provides extra sensation to the sensitive underside. The receptive partner may also like the sensation of these rings, and they are fun for experimentation.

Buying an erotic gift for a lover can be a fun way to spice up your love life. Not only does it show that you appreciate the sexiness of your lover but that you think of him often. If you’d like to pick out a hot new toy, these ideas will give you a place to start.

Sex Toys and Vibrators

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I love the internet. Gone are the days of driving a few towns away and having to walk into an adult store, browse the selections and then having your purchases rung up by some horny 19 yr old pervert, wanting to nail every hot piece of housewife ass that walks through the door.
Well those days are over for me. I do all my sex toy searching, browsing and buying online these days.
There are tons of places to choose from, but usually when I find the right place, I tend to stick with it.
Somewhere I can trust and has the products and selection to satisfy all my needs.
Throughout my internet travels for sex toys online, I came across Suasion Secrets and I must admit, I just love this site.
From sexy lingerie, to intimate cosmetics, to sexy jewelry, to sex toys and sexual bedroom gear. And everything in between. This is like a one stop shop for all my sex shopping.
My latest purchase is something called the Lelo vibrator. WOW.
This little toy gave me so much pleasure, I am going to name it and have it take me out to dinner.
But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. Browse the site and see if it’s not the best online sex store you’ve seen.


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Ahhhhh Relaxation. Who doesn’t like to hear that? Nothing like kicking back, taking a load off and relaxing. What could be better? Well, I’ll tell you what could be better. Rubbing out a good one with a sex toy while relaxing, that’s what.
And I’m not just talking about a marathon jerk off session for you fellas. I’l talking about rubbing out a good one on that nubbin for all you ladies out there. Guys have millions of sex toys for them, designed to help beat that monster meat like a red-headed step child. But what about Sex toys for her?
That’s where Relaxation Inc. cums in. (pun intended) Relaxation Inc. has a full line od Eggs and Bullets, G-apot viberators, Mini vibrators, Pussy Pumps, Dildoes and much much more to get off any woman.
In addition to all the great toys, they also carry lubricants, herbal products, bondage and fetish toys, adult DVDs, PPV movies and much more. It’s an adult playground and mecca.
All you ladies out there should shirk the guilt quilt and splurge a little and buy yourself some alone time pleasure devices.
You don’t even need to be alone to use them. Most guys enjoy watching you ladies get themselves off with a good toy. Some even like to lend a helping hand and work the toy for ya.
What are you waiting for? get on over and check this site out. You’ll be glad you did.

Free Dildo Hottie Hot Free Webcam and Chat

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Amateur Match

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Dildo Hotties Reviews HotGVibe

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I have to say, I love a big dildo! I really do! If you love them too, you might want to look at a little website called Hot G Vibe. They have a lot of options when it comes to dildos and as a proud gay man I’ve tried almost all of them. My favorite sex toy however isn’t a dildo, it’s the Hot G Vibe Pleasure Kit For Him. I love this little kit, it’s perfect for a trip or for even just a night at home. It’s got everything I need to please my man. It comes with cock rings, wipes and even lube. I love using this little kit and I love having it used on me.

Hot G Vibe is an awesome sex toy website because they know exactly what I want and they sure do know how to deliver. From dildos to lubrications that bring me to the point of climax every time and I almost cannot wait to look at their site again, when I hear they have a new sex toy out. Their website is even awesome to look at, although they need some men on there! If sex toys are your thing, I recommend you look up Hot G Vibe.

DildoHotties Reviews

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There is this awesome new website that I found called It is loaded with full-length porn…well everything. It doesn’t just have videos there are full movies as well. It is packed with high quality of videos rather than videos that look like they’ve been uploaded one too many times. This website is great for anyone looking to get out of their porn rut and into something that is new, fun and free.

That’s right, I said free. There is no membership required unless you want to upload videos and that is free too! There is such a large amount of content on site that you will be able to find something for yourself and for your other half as well.

I am really happy about what has to offer because they are the only porn website that I have seen that have very little advertisements on their page, which mean less fluff and getting straight to the point. They also upload new videos and movies daily, which means I don’t end up watching the same videos over and over again.

If you are looking for a more modern approach to online porn, you can find it at

Teen gets off

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Teen gets off

Tory is horny as fuck and once again using her slender fingers on her tight little pussy just is not satisfying this cute teen nearly enough. Luckily she happens to have a pink vibe that does wonders on her snatch, she fucks it deep and hard before managing to have quite a memorable orgasm.

Teen fucks toy

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Teen fucks toy

Tory is one very cute barely legal teen in one hell of a predicament; she is horny as fuck all but her fingers are not doing enough for her quivering quim. So she grabs a vibrator and fuck her tiny hole until she has herself a sweet orgasm.

Shampoo bottle fucker

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Shampoo bottle fucker

Wow, I have seen some hot girls finding new and exciting ways to fuck themselves but Nastya uses a shampoo bottle. She rubs the bottle up and down her gorgeous pussy lips before inserting it and pleasing herself.

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